All About Cork

What is cork?  Why do you use cork in your bags?  How does it compare to leather?

These are pretty common questions about cork.  Here is all you need to know!

Cork is a

  • natural,
  • sustainable,
  • PETA certified,
  • vegan,
  • ecofriendly material imported from Spain and Portugal.

The cork used in my bags is the product of the Cork Oak Tree which only grows in the Western Mediterranean Basin.  Strict harvesting regulations are in place to protect the trees and ensure the quality of the cork.  Once the tree has reached 20 years of age, its bark is shaved by hand every 8 – 10 years without harming the tree. The same tree can be harvested every 8-10 years for over 200 years!

Once the cork is harvested, it is boiled, dried, shaved into thin sheets and sealed with a non-toxic sealant.

Cork is similar in durability and feel to leather but with several important advantages.    Cork is not only natural, sustainable, PETA certified, vegan, and ecofriendly, but also

  • water resistant,
  • light weight,
  • stain resistant,
  • antimicrobial and
  • scratch resistant.